Woody Stringer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the function of the Woody Stringer?
ANSWER: The Woody Stringer functions as a fully automatic decorating system that can produce an infinite amount of string-type decorating designs by making simple adjustments.

How does the Woody Stringer work?
ANSWER: Decorating material is pumped to the Stringer and the movement of the nozzle tube determines the designs. The decorating material passes through our patented motor driven strainer and cleans the decorating material before it reaches the nozzle tube, preventing clogs.

What decorating materials can I use with the Stringer?
ANSWER: Any material that you can pour from a glass can be used in the Woody Stringer. Chocolates, compound chocolates, fat and water based icings all work equally well with the Woody Stringer. Some other materials like jellies, peanut butter, liquid cheese and sauces have all been used to decorate with the Woody Stringer.

How long would it take to receive a Woody Stringer?
ANSWER: Typically an order takes approximately 6-8 weeks to fill. Please check with Woody Associates for the current lead-time as this time can be less.

What sizes are available for the Stringer?
ANSWER: Every Woody Stringer is custom designed and built to the customer’s requirements. Sizes have ranged from 6” wide production lines up to 80” wide production lines.

How long will the Stringer last?
ANSWER: The typical life of a Woody Stringer is approximately 20 years, but with good maintenance it can last for many years longer. Several known examples of the Woody Stringer are still in continuous production after nearly 50 years of service!

Can the Stringer be constructed with metric fasteners?
ANSWER: Yes, many of our machines have already been built using metric fasteners to meet our customer’s requirements. We typically build the Stringer to inch standard for North America customers and metric standard for International customers.