Interpack Expo

Düsseldorf, Germany
May 4 – 10, 2017

Woody Associates participated at the 2017 Interpack Expo in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany
May 8 – 14, 2014

Woody Associates, Inc. was located in booth 2B02 for the 2014 Interpack Trade Fair on May 8-14, 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Several models of the famous Woody Stringer were on hand for the show including the new 450mm Servo Stringer, a 450mm Random Stringer, a 1200mm heavy-duty wash down model, a 200mm Confectionery Stringer, along with the newly redesigned Hand Operated Decorator. These models display the versatility that makes the Stringer a must-have item for both large bakery manufacturers and mom and pop confectionery users alike.

Our new Servo Stringer allows for users to change and save patterns with the touch of a button, instead of altering patterns using knobs and cranks. Wash-down, metric and a heavy-duty model, running at speeds of up to 1,000 cycles-per-minute, are also available.

The dual nozzle tubes of the Random Stringer mimic the effects of hand decorating on confectionery and bakery items. It is equipped with Random gearboxes, a heated enclosure and is designed to be washed down.

Our 1200mm Heavy Duty Stringer features heavier rods, a larger frame, a stronger drive motor and higher capacity product areas to improve performance during high-level production sessions for bakery manufacturers. The model on hand also features Woody’s washdown design, self-purging nozzle tube, motor driven strainer and guards around the moving cranks.

Designed for easy installation and removal by hand, the 200mm Confectionery Stringer is designed for normal daily production, but robust enough to handle overtime duty when called upon. The standard design is with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame and stainless steel product areas.

Finally, the Hand Operated Decorator is designed to replace the use of pastry bags or squeeze tubes when decorating with chocolate. The decorating material is pumped under controlled pressure to multiple operators and the only effort required by the operator is to gently squeeze and guide the hand held nozzle.

Düsseldorf, Germany
April 24 – 30, 2008

INTERPACK 2008 gave Woody Associates the opportunity to showcase two new products for the Woody Stringer. First was a 1-meter Stainless Steel Woody Stringer. Constructed of Stainless Steel, this Stringer was designed to be washdown rated for ease of cleaning and use.

Woody Associates also revealed a new PLC programmed touch screen controller for the Woody Stringer. This controller offers better tuning controls for nozzle speed and heater temperature than the standard switch controls on previous Stringers. The PLC also allows for the Stringer to be connected to the rest of the production line for integrated operations.

Also on display was a 250mm Stringer, showcasing an array of potential decorations.  Equipped with the ability to produce single and double loop designs, the Stringer produces crisp clean lines of chocolate patterns on a smooth conveyor belt.  The Stringer also features a self-cleansing strainer, preventing clogs in the nozzle tube due to particles in the decorating material.

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