Auxiliary Equipment

Supply Kettles (tanks)

Compact stainless steel supply kettles are available for use with the Woody Stringer. Tank capacities start at 125 lbs. (56 Kg). All tanks include a slow moving agitator, electrically heated water jacket with digital temperature control, complete under frame with accommodation for our pump and casters (wheels) for easy mobility.


Pumps are available in cast iron and stainless steel designs. All pumps include a variable speed motor, which is washdown rated when included with a stainless steel pump. The size and capacity of the pump depends on the customer’s requirements. All pumps are available with a water jacket.

Heated Hoses

The Stringer and Hand Operated Decorator can be equipped with heated hoses. The heated hoses are supplied with a separate digital temperature control. The heated hoses are typically used between the pump and the Stringer itself. A special silicone based heated hoses is used for the operator hose of the Hand Operated Decorator if ordered.


Normally the Woody Stringer is designed to fit the customer’s existing conveyor or fitted to the enrober. If required, we can provide a custom conveyor to accompany the Stringer.