Woody Hand Operated Decorator FAQ


What is the function of the Hand Operated Decorator?
ANSWER: The Woody Hand Operated Decorator is a machine designed to relieve operators from constantly re-filling pastry bags or squeeze bottles with chocolate. The decorating material is pumped to operator hand nozzles at a constant pressure and temperature.

How does the Hand Operated Decorator work?
ANSWER: The decorating material is pumped to one or more operators through flexible hoses. The internal pressure regulating system ensures a constant flow of chocolate without changes in pressure.

What decorating materials may I used with the Hand Operated Decorator?
ANSWER: The Hand Operated Decorator is suitable for both pure and compound chocolates.

Will my decorating material “freeze up” in the hoses?

ANSWER: No, we use specialty hoses in the construction of your Hand Operated Decorator that insulate the chocolate and keep the material flowing. We can also provide electrically heated hoses if the environment is unusually cool.

How long would it take to receive a Hand Operated Decorator?
ANSWER: Typically an order takes approximately 6-8 weeks to fill. Please check with Woody Associates for the current lead-time as this time can be less.

What sizes are available for the Hand Operated Decorator?
ANSWER: The Hand Operated Decorator can be used with the customer’s current supply system or it can be provided with a Woody Kettle to hold your decorating material. Adjustments to the pump speed, pressure regulator and the decorating tube selection will affect the size and weight of the decorating pattern.

Can I use cake icing with the Hand Operated Decorator?
ANSWER:No, cake icings are too stiff to flow into the pump. However, the Hand Operated Decorator can use almost any hot or cold fat based decorating material that is a liquid.




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