Woody Associates, Inc. History

  • 1954:  George D. Woody * Associates founded as a consultant firm. 

  • 1956:  First Woody Stringer produced with self-cleaning strainer and the ability to produce zigzags.

  • 1960’s:  The Single-loop attachment for design patterns was developed to create circle, oval and slanted zigzag patterns.

  • 1974: Due to increased demand, George D. Woody * Associates moves to York, Pennsylvania and opens a fabrication shop at Rear 327 East Cottage Place.
  • 1974:  The ability to create figure-eight, cross hatching and more designs was developed with the Double-Loop Attachment.

  • 1983: The first Heavy-Duty Stringer was produced to accommodate extended service intervals on longer running production lines.

  • 1996:  Woody Associates opted for enclosed motors for optimum speed control and motor protection.

  • 2002:  Harry A. Reinke, III acquires ownership of Woody Associates, Inc. following more than 8 years as a mechanical engineer with the company.

  • 2003: To help comply with the characteristics of newly developed sugar-free decorating material, the Self-Purging Nozzle Tube is produced for the Woody Stringer.

  • 2005:  Woody Associates moved to a new home, and current facility, located at 844 East South Street in York.

  • 2006: The first Stringer built out of all stainless steel construction is manufactured.

  • 2007:  To take advantage of new technologies, the Woody Stringer was fitted with PLC touch screen units.

  • 2009:  For quicker decorating pattern adjustment and memory storage, Woody Associates produces their first Servo Stringer.

  • 2012:  A Stringer with the ability to cover 24” inches in one stroke is constructed.
  • 2020:  Woody Associates moves to a new home, and current facility, located at 895 West Broadway in Red Lion, Pennsylvania




Woody Associates, Inc.
895 West Broadway
Red Lion, PA 17356 USA

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